Re: Working for love and all that.

Adam Seidman (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 01:20:13 +0000

I for one welcome comments from Peter and others who have actually
been students at democratic schools. I'd love to hear more students
provide real examples of problems they encountered since most of what
I have to go on has been written by interested parties. If Peter has
more to say about students leaving school unable to read or function
in other important ways in society and how they fared later, I would
love to hear about it. How may students did he encounter like this?
Has he kept in touch with any of them? Can he encourage other
ex-classmates to participate here?

I feel like saying too "Why can't we just all get along." Perhaps
people who are critical come across sometimes as attacking those who
came before. Perhaps they could try to be nicer about it. But
worrying too much about who gets offended can also be stultifying.
Perhaps those who are offended could try to be less critical in their
response. Perhaps people could just stop once in a while and say
"nothing personal." Perhaps I've gone on too long...
We're going back to school daze
and put them right
-Graham Parker