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Thanks, Stuart, our election in January would probably be similiar - a
yes/no rather than new applicants. Interesting, the "too early" opinion,
because in April, the new staff candidates have only been around as
visitors for a week or so, right? -

> I read that you're planning to have a staff
>election in January. That was our plan, too, because we wanted the students
>to have a voice in staff selection as soon as possible. However, several
>members of our staff rebelled during the fall, saying that January was too
>early for people to be able to make informed decisions. We ended up having a
>yes-or-no vote on staff members in January, and a full-fledged election in
>April to set the next year's staff.
>The yes-or-no vote could have been a useful device for getting rid of staff
>members who didn't fit, but fortunately those staff members had already left.

How, did they just quit?

I feel really swamped and totally appreciative of what ever moves forward
regarding the Sudbury brochure, Liz