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Charlie Wilkinson (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 14:12:50 -0400

On Wed, Apr 15, 1998 at 10:54:33AM -0400, Deborah Muise wrought:
> I think Eric and Robin are eloquently discussing important issues
> here. Much of adult education now is designed to motivate people.
> Where did they lose self-motivation?

Elementary school, in many cases. Some clung to motivation a bit longer.
Some of us just tried to ignore public school silliness as much as
possible (and had to get a GED later...)

Really though, when talking about this, it might be helpful to define
what brand of motivation we are talking about -- "carrot & stick",
ultimatum, clever marketing, inner passion, etc.

> And another thing, since when did
> literacy have anything to do with success in modern life? The most
> illiterate memos come from the highest paid executives. I work for
> them at a MUCH lower pay rate, but spelling correctly.

Well, once you get to a position of being able to *make* the rules, you
are no longer inconvenienced by having to follow them. (I'm generalizing,
of course...)

> I think real
> education is an active process that does not begin in childhood and
> end at adulthood.

"Once you stop learning, you're dead."

> The adaptability and creativity of humans is more
> important to lifelong success than any one "subject". Like, for
> instance, how to send plain text instead of HTML.

...or how to digest it properly on the receiving end. :-) Guess what I
just learned:

text/html;lynx -dump -force_html file:%s 2>&1 | less

Then I was able to read your message easily, without the<br>;amp<gt><bs>


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