Re: merging adult & youth ed...especially in literacy...

Robin Martin (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 10:11:14 -0600

At 10:06 AM 4/14/98 -0400, Deborah Muise wrote:=20

<excerpt>I think Eric and Robin are eloquently discussing important
issues here.=A0 Much of adult education now is designed to motivate people.
Where did they lose self-motivation?=20


I don't think "they lost it." I just think that not everyone in
education (adult & K-12) is perhaps as "aware" YET as they could be of
its significance.


<excerpt>And another thing, since when did literacy have anything to do
with success in modern life? The most illiterate memos come from the
highest paid executives. I work for them at a MUCH lower pay rate, but
spelling correctly.=A0=20


LOL. Very funny (sadly so, perhaps)! However, literacy, I believe is a
deeper issue than merely being able to spell correctly. I know many
people who have poor grammer & bad spelling, but whom I would still
consider to be highly literate. Literacy, in my opinion, is the ability
to communicate effectively in the "modes" commonly used by the culture
(whether that be writing memos, completing job applications, typing
emails, or jiving to rap music!).


<excerpt>I think real education is an active process that does not begin
in childhood and end at adulthood.=A0 The adaptability and creativity of
humans is more important to lifelong success than any one "subject".


Indeed! In many respects, I think that being able to tap into one's own
creativity & inner-resources is AS important as literacy even!=20
(Literacy, however, to me, is not "one" subject...but cuts across all

Well--I'm off now to get busy on a survey research project I'm helping
out with this month on "emotional literacy".=20