Re: Working for love

Odum1 (
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 11:31:50 EDT

<< Odum1 wrote:
> I know it's not an issue for most schools that aren't just starting up, but
> its still interesting...and tricky...

It only tricky John if you insist in making important decisions for
someone else. <<

Nah, it's still tricky... ;-) ... and certainly interesting...

>>In this country we have a Bill of Rights that says that
each individual can make his own contracts without forced interference
from anyone else including the majority acting through the government. <<

Actually, it doesn't *say* that. It's much more particularized...and even
those rights that are expressly particularized have been statutorily and
legally interpreted as fluid and conditional. Sadly, this is a more
complicated world than most of us would like it to be...

>>We are all privileged to live in such a wonderful country. Where a
school like Sudbury Valley can exist.<<

Okay...but I see room for lotsa improvements...why stop here?... ;-)

>>But we are not forced to send our children to school there. Dale<<

But we are forced to send...or rather our kids are forced to school

...hmm...speaking of improvements to our wonderful country...

- John, never satisfied...