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<< > Alan you will just have to live with me the way I am. Without happy
> faces. Remembering that I am just expressing my opinions and figure you
> all will take them in the spirit of good humor that I express them. I
> am not trying to change anyone's opinion about anything. I am just
> expressing my opinion. And trying to learn something. Dale
> --

Alan isn't the only one having to live with you the way you are. Everyone
on this list also has to. >>

Now, now y'all... this was/is a very interesting thread... I think its time to
graciously accept Dale's explanation/restatement and move on, lest we be
guilty ourselves, yes?

Really, though....this wage/compensation/pro bono stuff is one of those
discussions that brings to light the vast differences in worldview/philosophy
between folks who are drawn to this model. Free-market libertarian/republicans
on one side, anarchist-socialist types like me on the other end, and various
bits and pieces in between. Neato.

I think-->
On the one hand, nobody nowhere nohow should be asked to work without adequate
compensation...on the other hand, the wage system is way gross, so I dont
wanna tie myself to it....

On the one hand, directly democratic bodies such as those modelled within
(school meeting) and outside (assembly) the school under this model should be
respected as a matter of principle...on the other hand nobody nowhere nohow
should be asked to work without adequate compensation...

On the one hand, it might be overly individualistic (in the bad, anti-social
sense, not the good, personal-growth sense....there really is a difference,
IMHO) to hold community growth hostage to personal demands...on the other hand
its certainly not inappropriate (IMHO again) to hold the community accountable
for personal needs...

On the one hand, if there are those who can work for little or nothing, is it
wrong to take advantage of that...on the other hand, do we necessarily want to
set up a system whereby only the privileged have the opportunity to be
staff...and by extension, systemically limiting students staff choices to a
pool that is not economically/class/culturally diverse?

I know it's not an issue for most schools that aren't just starting up, but
its still interesting...and tricky...