Re: Working for love

Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 19:25:21 -0700

KleinCon wrote:
> That is a problem. Are you aware of the "smiley"? It looks like this:
> :o)

Thanks for drawing me a picture Alan but I know about smiley faces. But
I have this thing against happy faces because while I was running for
School Board a few years ago I visited our School Districts
"Environmental" brain washing camp deep in the dark forests of the great
northwest Cascade Mountains.

I got their earlier than all the other visitors and just happened to
catch about one hundred children being led by this evil looking fellow
with a Hitler-like mustache with all of their arms held above their
heads in a happy face salute singing a happy face song.

And then more recently I had this boss that was forever holding me back
by not signing off my induced lightning designs and he would put these
d.... happy faces all over my work.

Alan you will just have to live with me the way I am. Without happy
faces. Remembering that I am just expressing my opinions and figure you
all will take them in the spirit of good humor that I express them. I
am not trying to change anyone's opinion about anything. I am just
expressing my opinion. And trying to learn something. Dale

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