Re: Working for love

Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 12:57:20 -0700

KleinCon wrote:

Thanks for the education Alan about d... and progressive schools. I am
a little bit handicapped on this list because I promised a year or so
ago not to use the d word again. On this list.

> 2. I agree with Naomi that your comments to Peter were unnecessarily harsh.
> While I think I understood your use of the term "morality" when you admonished

Sorry, I was just funning Peter and I noticed that he did not seem to
take offense.

In fact he asked the question:

> I'm interested in this as a moral question. Is it right, from anybody's
> point of view, to ask staff to work below the Union rate?

And I thought I was just acknowledging(in my own slightly weird way)
that from what he and some others had posted that...

Oh well, sorry again if I hurt anyone's feelings. Like I said, I was
just trying to be funny.

Sometimes I wish we were not all in cyberspace because then you could
see me smiling, and then other times I wonder how many times I would get
punched in the nose if we were not separated by hundreds/thousands of
miles. Dale

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