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Mon, 13 Apr 1998 15:27:35 EDT

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<< But there are no "teachers" at a progressive school. In fact one
particular Sudbury Valley staff member documented in some of their
literature about how difficult it was to stand back. As I remember her
article was titled, "The Art of doing Nothing All Day," or something
along those lines. >>


Two things:

1. There is a distinction between "progressive schools" and "democratic
schools". Progressive schools have been around far longer and the name at
least dates back to John Dewey's days in the early 1900's. The term is best
used to describe schools that have a basis in "learning by doing" but which
may or may not share other characteristics with democratic schools. Mnay
people use "progressive schools" as a substitute for "alternative schools"
which is also not accurate, since, while all progressive schools may be
alternative schools, not all alternative schools are progressive schools, at
least when strictly defined.

2. I agree with Naomi that your comments to Peter were uncecessarily harsh.
While I think I understood your use of the term "morality" when you admonished
Peter that you thought he hadn't learned it at Summerhill, I think you were
right on the edge, if not over it, of accusing him of being somehow immoral or
lacking in fundamental understanding of morality without being specific about
what you were actually trying to say.

While this is a Sudbury ListServ, let's leave it up to our moderator to decide
what's relevant and what isn't. OK?