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Mon, 13 Apr 1998 13:16:15 EDT

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<< I can't say I would like to be operated on by a
surgeon who was "working for love" - nor take an international flight on a
plane with a pilot working below the standard rate because of his/her love of
flying. There is a good word for those who "work for love" - amateurs.


As one who offers my services (for pay) professionally, I am often called upon
to offer "pro bono" services. I do this very willingly for causes in which I
believe. I don't believe that I offer such clients any less of myself and my
expertse than I offer to those paying "full frieght". In this light I also
think of doctors who perform operations without pay for poor people in this
country or overseas. I also worked in a democratic school at which, on
occasion, we had to make do without full salary in order to make the place

In fact, now that I think of it, I "worked" for a year doing unpaid student
teaching. While one could argue that I was getting paid with my degree and
certificate, one could also argue that there are no "student teacher"
opporunities in democratic schools, so one's first year, no matter how
experienced one is, could be seen as a "student teaching experience".

Having said that, I am not really in favor of mandating such a policy under
most circumstances. I am in favor, however, of such schools surviving and if
that requires a period of uneven payment to staff, I would be (and have been)
willing to partake in such a plan.

Thanks for your inputs on this issue,
Alan Klein