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Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 12:05:56 -0700

Peter wrote:
<snip> but a great deal of the problem was caused by sub-standard
> staff.

Peter, I have been led to believe that in progressive schools the staff
is chosen by the students. So are you saying that at Summerhill the
students voted to hire a math teacher but there was not enough money in
the budget to hire a competent one?

You are bringing up so many meaty subjects I am having a difficult time
focusing on what you want us to learn from your experiences. What are
you really trying to tell us Peter? Did you get ripped off in terms of
money and time or what? Do you think many/most students at progressive
schools would be better off somewhere else?

If so where else?

Or are you trying to tell us that the progressive school you will send
your children to will have different ground rules than the present
ones? What different ground rules? Twice the tuition? Encourage big
buck donations from the alumni and the Packard Foundation?

Don't let me put words in your mouth. But I obviously have much to
learn about progessive schools.

Peter, another couple things you did not learn enough about at
Summerhill are morality and economics.

But it could be worse.

You could of attended an American grtf(government run tax funded) school
and not be still seeking the truth at all. It sounds like you are not
completely turned off of thinking about the important issues of life and
that is something to be thankful for. Dale

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