Democratic Schools Conference

Jerome Mintz (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 16:47:04 -0400 (EDT)

Dear SVSers:
I'm sorry if this is a duplicate mailing for you. But I need to hear from
people at democratic schools to see if they are interested in attending
the International Democratic Education Conference this July. Some
scholarships are possible for students.

Please e mail me here or call this week if you would like to know more.

Jerry Mintz

Dear Friends:
We can now give you definite information on the International
Democratic Education Conference to be held from July 8-15 at the
Stork Family School, in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

The maximum cost per person for the conference itself will be $150
for the eight days, including meals. However, we have a $20,000
grant proposal into the Soros Foundation in the Ukraine which may
reduce the p. We will definitely get a grant
from the Edwards Foundation to support the Stork Family School
itself so that they are in a strong position to hold the conference.

We know that groups will be going from the United States, England,
Israel, Russia, Hungary, and Austria. The school says that they canhouse
and feed up to 200 people. All participants can stay at the
school in sleeping bags. Activities will include workshops, democratic
meetings, field trips to thete, a baroque park,
basketball, table tennis, crafts demonstrations, plays and songs by
Stork students, etc.

We have some tentative arrangements for discount flying, from the
United States and Europe, but frankly I am getting quite nervous
because space on the flights is filling up fast and I still have not heard
from enough people. I've been working on this since last year's IDEC
and it has been quite difficult. Zahava Barkoni from Hadera is also
working hard and will fax those not on e mail. The price from the USA
is usually over $1000 round trip, but we have found an agency which
can do it for $675. And Albert Lamb found a carrier which can do it
for about 260 pounds from London.

The Stork School has 230 students from age 3-16. The children aged
3-8 are in a Montessori program with no formal classes. They are
struggling to survive, with the government now charging high taxes
on their tuition. We feel that by having the conference there we are
helping to support them. By the way, there is no radiation problem in
Vinnitsa. Chernobyl was north of Kiev, and the radiation blew north.
Vinnitsa is 200 kilometers south of Kiev.

Please let me know if you want further information.

Jerry Mintz
Alternative Education Resource Organization
516 621-2195
800 769-4171