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Martin Perkins (
Sun, 05 Apr 1998 14:19:30 -0400

Having wrote the comment below concerning the thousands of children who
are hungry, I find your example very weak. Forces within North Korea
extend well beyond a lack of economic freedom. The government is
isolated and totalitarian with little regard for its citizens. South
Korea is a government run economy with extensive help from foreign
governments. Neither is a relevant example either for or against free
market forces.
I freely admit that in this country we have abundant supply. However, it
is for that exact reason that we have starvation. Free market forces do
not step in and make sure that children are fed. To the contrary, the
exact opposite occurs when the government safety net is removed and free
market forces dictate the allocation of resources. Without charitable
organizations, what little help out there would not exist for hungry
children. And to play angels advocate, there is currently a movement, in
the name of free market economics, to eliminate the tax free exemption
allowed to charities.
I agree, economic forces are not the only culprit for starving children
in this country. I personally believe that the primary cause is the
separation of individuals and families from their local community. And
in turn, the local communities inability to reach out to its members. In
aboriginal cultures and other cultures predating large central
government, abundance in the community was shared by all. Was this free
market economics? NO. It was communal by necessity and by choice. Was
their trade and commerce? Most certainly yes. The concept of mixing free
market economics and communal living is nothing new. However, to come
full circle, I believe free market economics is an immoral or at the
very least, amoral system when it dominates the culture as it does here
in the United States.
Marty Perkins
Fairhaven School

Paul wrote:
I was surprised to see the comment about "thousands of children who at
> this moment in the United States are hungry as a direct result of the
> immorality of free market forces." The truth is quite the opposite. It
> is only because of market forces that we have such an abundant supply
> of food not to mention lots of other things. A recent example can be
> seen in North and South Korea. The same racial group in the same area
> of the world; yet we saw starvation in the north and plenty in the
> south. I think the main reason is that market was far more hindered in
> the north than in the south.