Center launch!

Robin Martin (
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 17:00:45 -0700


If it's not too much trouble, I was wondering if any of you could help me
spread the word about the Center for Inspired Learning. Following is the
announcement that I've been posting to mailing lists, and if any of you
belong to homeschooling or other mailing lists where people might be
interested in this Center, could you forward it along to them? (FYI: So
far, I've posted it to Learn-Net, WWWedu, AED-NET, and Alt-learn.)

Thanks a million!






The Center for Inspired Learning serves as an online clearinghouse and
virtual meeting place where educators & life-long learners can come
together to share ideas related to various aspects of more progressive
structures and holistic approaches to education. We are building online
forums as well as library references where parents, students, and
teachers can explore the diversity of holistic learning practices, while
also creating a resource center for communities who are wanting to start
or restructure a school that is more in harmony with who they are. This
Center will allow for critical dialog and references that appreciate both
the diversity & value of various holistic practices to education in this
country and beyond--from homeschooling to Waldorf to Montessori to
democratic or "free" schools. Please come visit our new web site at: