Re: Working for love.

Mark Stafford & Angela Sevin (
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 10:01:13 -0800

Angela Sevin here (staff at Diablo Valley School),

Chronology of a founder/staff member/volunteer:

6/64-11/95 Great life experiences, great friends, family, supportive husband...
never quite decided "what I wanted to do when I grew up" (but had fun doing it!)
Careers so far: student, camp counselor, fire fighter, adventure trip leader,
retail sales, airline customer service agent, travel agent, administrative

11/95 Found out about Sudbury Valley Schools from a conversation with a group
of "inspired learners", one of whom had just begun to work at Pacific Village
School in Santa Cruz at pay of 4$/hour. Thought, "I'd love to be part of a school
like that."

11/95-4/96 Sought and got high paying office job. Quickly realized that I needed
to find a way to be involved with a Sudbury model school. Found out that a
founder's group had formed nearby.

5/96 Attended a founder's meeting. Joined founders group. Figured out that I
could "get away" with not making any money for two years by joining a graduate
program in Experiential Education at Mankato State Univ. (Minnesota). I could
get graduate credit for "starting a democratic experiential school"!

9/96-12/96 Had a great time taking core courses and stirring up the Education
Leadership department at Mankato State, by forming my own seminar (with other
"rebels"), to further explore experiential models. (It turns out that our group
helped to regain the focus of the EE department, which had been sliding toward

1/97 Diablo Valley School opened with 5 part-time staff and 3 students. We
reimbursed ourselves for mileage for the first 5 months (about $450), and have
volunteer ($0) since. I loaned the school $2000 of my student loan to cover rent
for the summer.

3/98 I work at the school for 22 hours a week, I have two part-time jobs that I
also love. I'm not sure if I will work at the school in the fall, (more because
of my schooling needs, than financial). Sure, it would be nice to get paid for
the job that I have devoted so much time and energy to, but I look at as part of
my education, an experience as valuable to me, as I am to it.

Does this help? (Does anyone know what "Tertium quid" means?)