Re: The Myth of the ADD Child

Bryan & Sadie Lovely (
Tue, 31 Mar 98 02:10:43 -0800

Teresa Gallagher wrote on 3/25/98 6:53 PM:

> There is an opposing camp, composed of researchers, parents,
>and a few authors, who believe ADD is an alternative mode of thinking,
>latteral thinking perhaps, or creative thinking.

ADD is neither a deficit, nor a disorder. I have plenty of attention, I'm
just choosy about where i focus it. <grin>

Actually, I was on the evil drug Disipramine for awhile, which really
helped counter my ADD symptoms, especially my dysnomia (You know, the
"that thing" syndrome, where you cannot remember the names of things,
although it's right "on the tip of your tongue?" eg. "Honey, could you
get me the thing? You know, that thing right next to the other thing,
down by the whatsisthing...)
However, the drug made me physically ill, and, although it was supposed
to decrease my depression, it made it worse. Funny, I felt a lot better
after I quit my horrible, heartwrenching job and stopped taking the
drugs. I do use caffeine at times to "mellow out," but mostly I just
enjoy focusing my attention on my many and diverse interests.

Sadie Lovely