Re: Working for love.

Teresa Gallagher (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 19:03:14 -0500

This is a popular topic! I guess I'll add my two cents as well.

As a prospective Sudbury parent, I would definitely feel more
comfortable knowing that the staff was paid a reasonable fee for their
services. My son's been in a large daycare center for four years now,
and the biggest problem there is the high turnover rate for their
preschool teachers, who are traditionally not paid well.

My idea of 'reasonable' is not related to Unions, however, because I
think most Unions have become unreasonable. In fact, I'm currently
thinking of going into teaching partly because the teachers here in
Connecticut are paid a tremendous amount of money. I can make more money
as a science teacher than I can as a scientist.

Also, I agree with supply and demand only to a point. People should
receive decent wages. To pay someone next to nothing simply because
there are lots of other people who would take the job for less is going
back to the ages of robber barons, before wage laws. To be honest, I
was surprised to find out how low the tuition is at Sudbury Valley
School in Framingham. I figured it would be higher and would have been
willing to pay more to have my son attend. Maybe if school vouchers/ tax
writeoffs are allowed, tuition could be raised a bit.