Re: Working for love.

Mbradford1 (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 08:48:22 EST

Dear Naomi,

At LVS we have two staff persons who are being supported by their spouses
this, our first, year, and the other three staff members have other part time

It looks like we will have enough money left over this year that we could have
paid staff a little, but we have opted to save our money instead so that we
can spend some on marketing and also be assured that we can pay our bills next
year. If we maintain or increase our enrollment for next year we will
probably be able to pay at least one staff member.

As far as I know, most Sudbury schools do indeed strive to pay their staff a
living wage as soon as they financially can. I am a supporter of the free
market, but I also think that a Sudbury school will function better when it
pays living wages to staff rather than living off the backs of volunteers.

Although working at a Sudury school is often a labor of love and much more
enjoyable than working at a "grtf" school, it is also MUCH more difficult,
agonizing, strife-filled and demanding, requiring almost daily soul-searching,
not to mention a lot of hard work. Having worked both places, I can say this
with confidence.

Melissa Bradford
Liberty Valley School