Re: Working for love.

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 20:14:53 -0800

Let me put it another way.

I have been contributing to the Sudbury list for a couple years now. I
have bought and read most of their books and other publications and
subscribe to their newsletter. The March 1998 issue, Volume 27, Number
4 is particularly interesting for its collection of letters written by
the staff, students and parents over the last 30 years. Katy and I were
very fortunate to here Mimsy talk here in Seattle last week. I think I
understand about as well as any outsider could what makes Sudbury tick.
At least I am trying.

I have no indication that Sudbury is having a difficult time attracting
staff. In fact I have the impression, and correct me if I am incorrect
on this, that there are presently plenty of staff applicants for the
School Meetings to chose from.

So, lets say that Sudbury put an add in the Boston newspaper and here on
this Sudbury Discussion List and on the Alternative School Discussion
List, etc. that they were going to pay twice as much as they do now. Or
even more dramatic they were going to pay union wages.

Good gravy do any of you know what a 50 year old teacher with the
qualifications that many of the Sudbury Valley Staff have are being paid
nowadays? I mean we are talking big bucks here. And do you have any
idea how many grtf(government run tax funded) school teachers would be
wanting to go to work at Sudbury if they got paid the same including all
the sickness care and retirements and vacations andů they are collecting
from the State?

I assume we can all agree that there would be many more applicants for
the few staff positions than they have now. I am talking hundreds or
maybe even thousands of new ones every week. It must be like heaven
working at Sudbury compared to the working conditions under which most
grtf school teachers work.

So just how would you expect the school to deal with the resulting long
line of eager to work staff candidates? Dale

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