Re: Working for love.

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 07:10:46 -0800

Tim Kyng wrote:
> I'm interested in this as a moral question. Is it right, from anybody's
> point of view, to ask staff to work below the Union rate?

Interesting post Tim. Some of which I agree with. Sorta.

It is my opinion that unions are immoral by practice. Unions encourage
their members to initiate, or at least threaten to initiate, violence
against workers who are willing to work for a little less. Even the
word strike is a violent word. Milling and circling around the entrance
to the business being struck with angry threatening faces... smoky
fires burning in burn barrels… attracting police and angry people with
baseball bats and icepicks…

Nothing moral in all that dirty business Tim.

Wages in a free market, the only moral economic system, are determined
by peaceful negotiations between the employee and the employer.

And the employee has the hammer. Especially in the information age
because during the time he is employed he is learning all the companies
secrets thus increasing his value to future employers.

I spent big time as an activist and leader in the union(a non-striking
union) that represented me for 30 years in Aerospace. I slowly worked
my way up into a seat on the Executive Board. So I have first hand
experience that unions do supply important services to their

But positively effecting the salaries of the best workers(and thus
encouraging good work) and lobbying for legislation that would benefit
the public were NOT some of them. Dale

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