Center for Inspired Learning

Robin Martin (
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 21:46:39 -0700


I rather miss some of the delightful discussions we used to have on this
list--perhaps we can get some good ones going again this summer, when
"school's out." :)

Anyway, I just wanted to announce a web site that I've been working on,
inspired in many ways by the learning philosophies I've developed via grad
school AND from participating on this mailing list, as well as a lot of
other more spiritual/new age reading/reflecting that I do.

It's called the Center for Inspired Learning, and it's basically an
Internet resource center for people wanting to learn more about different
kinds of holistic schools & learning environments. In addition, there's
also a forum, called "Sharing Circle," which I invite you all to
participate in--if you feel so inspired!

Although, it's not quite finished, I'm to the point that I'm wanting
feedback from people like you all--whose ideas & practices are reflected
heavily in the site. So, if you have a moment some day, please click to:

and tell me what you think!

As Jerry w/ AERO has created such great offline resources for alternative
schoolers, I've tried to begin "mining the Net" in an effort to create more
interactive online resources. As the site develops, I plan to publicize it
more to some of the mainstream educational magazines & mailing lists as
well--because I think traditional educators are wanting more innovative
ideas, and just aren't always aware of what is really possible in learning
& education--when they're ready to challenge their longheld assumptions
about living in freedom.

Also, btw, if any of you have web sites that I haven't already listed in
the Links: Alternative Education section, please let me know. (I think
that I covered most of the schools that participate somewhat sporadically
on this list.) And you'll find some of your informational pages linked
under Resources: Democratic Schools, as well.

Finally, if anyone has the time & feels so inspired, I would love some
extra help in researching the Net or writing book reviews, etc. around
"inspired learning" concepts.

Smiles from Iowa,


Robin Martin
Coordinator & Creator of
The Center for Inspired Learning
Grand Opening: April 2, 1998!