Song of the Beech Tree

Scott David Gray (
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 20:38:12 -0500 (EST)

I wanted to let everyone on the list know about a new novel, by an SVS
parent, that may be of interest to Sudbury Valley families, and others
with an interest in the school:

"Song of the Beech Tree"
by Randy Kafka

A magical, mystical story of one child's visit to a very unusual "un
A story about freedom, anger, love, and the joy of climbing... about
grownups who don't get it, and grownups who do... and about finding
kindred spirits.
A story for all ages.

from the back cover:
"Mira is bright, bored, and angry, and much prefers the company of trees
to that of people. When a letter arrives from her father's reclusive
Uncle Avi, inviting Mira to visit the unusual 'un school' he works for,
her exasperated parents agree to give it a try.

"Uncle Avi is the live-in groundskeeper at the Valley School, an
alternative school where children are free to pursue their own interests.
*Song of the Beech Tree* follows Mira through her week-long visit, as she
encounters the challenges of freedom. Her struggle to climb the school's
magnificent beech tree mirrors her struggle to hear and trust her own
inner voice."

$10 (plus $1 per book for shipping; Mass. residents add .50 tax per book)
Free shipping for orders of four or more books at one time.
Checks payable to: Swift River Publishing, P.O. Box 771, Hudson MA 01749.
(when you order, please mention where you heard about the book)

Take care,

--Scott David Gray
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