PSCS -- Online Classes

Andrew Smallman (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 12:30:23 -0800 (PST)

Dear PSCS Friend,

What follows is the list of email-based classes being offered by the Puget
Sound Community School to the greater Internet community (meaning anyone
with an email address who wants to participate) over our spring quarter --
March 30th - June 12th.

These classes, or what, at PSCS, we call tutorials, help fulfill that part
of our mission which states, "PSCS is dedicated to being a leading example
of community-involved education." We also hope to use these classes as a
fundraiser, requesting of participants that they make a small donation to
the school in exchange for their participation (we suggest $10-$50). We
will not turn anyone away who cannot pay.

Consider this your invitation to join our school community by
participating in one or more of these classes. Since we plan to get them
started on March 30th (assuming we get enough students to warrant
conducting them), please let us know no later than Friday, March 27th if
you'd like to join. To sign-up just respond to this message indicating
the tutorial (or tutorials) in which you would like to participate. If
you have any questions, let me know.

My apologies for the cross-posting (if you received multiple copies of
this message you know what I mean).

Kindest regards,

Andrew Smallman, Director

Puget Sound Community School
10220 NE 1st Place, #201, Bellevue WA 98004


Henry Sosnowski
A poetry workshop centered around developing sentiment in your poetry
without the sentimentality and fine-tuning your poetic crafting skills.
Poets will be asked to write on a particular theme. The assignments will
be given bi-weekly with a short lesson on technique, style, form, etc.
Critiquing will be optional, but very important to your artistic
development. The emphasis is on developing the heart of the work, not the
mechanics. Poetry is highly subjective BUT there is always room to
improve on ones work. Anyone who enters a workshop thinking of their
poems as their children should immediately vacate the premises because
none of us can stand seeing our children criticized. The process is a
wonderful, almost magical experience. In the end, workshop participants
become a family of artists. And it is great fun! Participants in this
on-line poetry tutorial will be expected to write one poem every other
week, share their work with the entire workshop, and share their critique
of all workshop po ems. Henry will keep the conversation rolling and keep
it positive.

Andy Smallman or Guest Facilitator
The purpose of this tutorial is to have fun while being kind, to see how
being kind to others is actually being kind to ourselves, and to start
ripples of kindness that will be felt in far away places, touching others
and creating even more kind acts. Each week participants will receive a
kindness assignment that they are expected to complete. Via email they
will then tell the rest of the class what they did. It is hoped that the
messages sent will spur conversation, leading to interesting threads of
discussion that cant even be imagined at the start of the tutorial.

Andy Smallman
Inspired by the book The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, the purpose
of this tutorial is to get participants to think deeply about themselves
and then compose a thoughtful response to a question, one of which will be
asked each week (Example: If you could be more attractive, more
athletic, or smarter, which would you choose? Why?). Tutorial members
will get to read each others answers and, hopefully, enter into further
dialogue about what is shared.

Deb Schaack
Do you love to share recipes? Each week's assignment will be to share a
recipe and to try a new recipe from those shared. We will have a
different focus each week, including pizzas, appetizers, breads & muffins,
vegetarian entrees, "recipes we've always wanted to try, but haven't",
cookies, and others. Recipes may be consolidated into an online PSCS
collection of favorites. Open to youth and adults. Participation in the
winter quarter class is NOT a prerequisite; new participants welcomed!

Henry Sosnowski
Shared reading of poetry from the ridiculous to the sublime! A fun-filled
quarter of reading, interpreting, and sharing the full spectrum of poetic
expression. Shakespeare to Bukowski! Rimbaud to Snyder! Frost to
Cisneros! Join in a spirited discussi on of poets, past and present.
Devotees, lurkers, and closet bards are invited! Each week a poem will be
posted on our site. Comment, analyze, add a similar favorite from your
favorite poet, or just sit back, slurping a mug of joe and watch the
action. You are free to add biographical bits you may know about the
poet, bemoan the poets shortcomings, mention a song that you feel is
triggered by the poem! OUR ONLY RULE IS THAT THERE ARE NO RULES! This
ones just for fun!


Deb Schaack is the Tutorial Program Coordinator for PSCS.

Andy Smallman, the Director of PSCS.

Henry Sosnowski is a poet currently living in Sparks, Nevada. After a
30-year sabbatical, he has returned to school as a writing major. His
work has been anthologized in Sagebrush, a UNR poets anthology.
Recently awarded the James Ronald English Sch olarship for his poem
Comstock Turnaround, Henry is currently putting the finishing touches on
an entire book devoted to place poems of the Reno/Sparks area.