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>The Clearwater School is presenting a free public talk by Mimsy Sadofsky,
>cofounder and staff member of the Sudbury Valley School on March 17, 1998
>7pm. The talk will be held at AS #1, 11530 12th Avenue N.E, near Northgate
>in Seattle. Contact Stephanie Sarantos, 364-9711 or email
>stephanie@snonet.org for further information.
>The Sudbury Valley School is a pioneering democratic school established
>thirty years ago in Framingham, Massachusetts. In the foreword to the book,
>Kingdom of Childhood, Sudbury Valley is described as “a place where people
>decide for themselves how to spend their days. Students of all ages
>determine what they will do, as well as when, how, and where they will do
>it. This freedom is at the heart of the school it belongs to the students
>as their right, not to be violated.” All decisions about the day to day
>operations of the school are made at the School Meeting in which students
>and staff have an equal vote. A press release about the talk and The
>Clearwater School is included below.
>Can Children Direct their own Learning? At The Clearwater School they do!
>Learn more about Seattle’s first Sudbury School at a free public talk
>At The Clearwater School children are always busy learning without the
>enticements of gold stars, without the requirements of pre-set curriculums,
>and without the pressure of constant evaluation. While debate over academic
>standards and school reform takes the spotlight, a growing number of
>parents, looking for deeper reforms, are questioning the effects of
>traditional curriculums, grades, and tests on children’s natural curiosity,
>and innate ability to learn. The Clearwater School will host an evening
>Mimsy Sadofsky, cofounder and thirty-year staff member of the Sudbury
>School, on Tuesday, March 17, at 7:00pm. This event, free and open to the
>public, will be held in the auditorium of Alternative School #1, 11530-12th
>Avenue NE in Seattle. Children are welcome and refreshments will be
>provided. Sadofsky will discuss and answer questions about Sudbury Valley’s
>democratic model of education.
>Founded in 1968, the Sudbury Valley School stands as a successful example
>non-coercive education. There are now over 20 schools, in the U.S. and
>abroad, based on the Sudbury model. Sudbury schools, premised on respect
>natural curiosity, allow children the freedom to explore and learn in their
>own way according to their own timetable. Sharing her personal experience,
>Sadofsky will present the Sudbury model as a responsible educational choice
>for parents who question the prevailing assumptions about education and
>Sadofsky has been a featured guest on National Public Radio’s Talk of the
>Nation. Sudbury Valley and other Sudbury schools have been featured
>in USA Today and Good Morning America. She has written numerous articles
>books about the Sudbury Valley School, including Legacy of Trust: Life
>the Sudbury Valley Experience, a follow-up study on the lives of adults who
>attended the school as children.
>The Clearwater School, Seattle’s Sudbury school, opened in Northeast
>in the fall of 1996 and is growing quickly. Students, ages 4 through 19,
>direct their own activities and experience the rewards that come from
>self-motivation and creative discovery. Trusting each student’s enthusiasm
>and learning style, The Clearwater school makes available abundant
>resources, time and space for students to discover for themselves their
>place in the world. As a participatory democracy, all students and staff
>have equal votes in all matters pertaining to the school, engendering the
>development of personal responsibility.
>For more information about this event, or The Clearwater School, call
>364-9711 or email:. stephanie@snonet.org . The Clearwater School welcomes
>racial, cultural, and religious diversity, and families of every
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