Re: New School Opens in Northwest

Bryan & Sadie Lovely (
Fri, 13 Mar 98 15:13:35 -0800

Hey, Stuart and other friends,

That part of the Real Life Academy website is simply to reassure those
who are not as enlightened as we are that, yes, indeedy, we are "Learning
something" at RLA. Of course, the teacher in charge is *me*, a person who
wishes everyone would just quit school and spend all day playing,
reading, talking, and hanging out. How these "eleven subjects" are
studied are completely arbitrary, in my opinion. What is not arbitrary,
however, is the fact that the district expects a list of objectives
covering the eleven required subjects. Once that is taken care of, they
can be put aside, and the real learning can begin. As Andrew mentioned in
his response, those aspects will not be overly emphasized.

Other than that, thanks for looking at the site, and for your kind words.

Sadie Lovely

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