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Gayle Remisch (womble@wwdc.com)
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 11:17:35 -0500

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I'm Gayle Remisch and I'm very interested in this style of school. My
nephew wants to be a student there. He's 15, he's been unschooling for
the last year and a half and is now too busy with his acting career to
attend any school with a single physical location.

Anyway, I work for NASA as their Canadian Agent doing outreach for
their educational programs: Quest - Passport to Knowledge

You can participate free on the internet in...

Live from the Rainforest -

Previous programs:
Live from Antarctica 1 & 2
Live from the Stratosphere
Live from the Hubble Space Telescope
Live from Mars

check these out from my homepage at:

Meanwhile...this webchat info enclosed may be of interest to some of
you. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with experts and
scientists in the field one on one.

Have fun.


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Hello Women of NASA project participants-

Please join us for our next web chat featuring Linda Bangert from Langley
Research Center. As an Aerospace Technologist, Linda's specialty is
understanding the effects of integrating the propulsion system with
the aircraft. She does this by testing airplane models in wind tunnels and
simulating the jet engine exhaust with high pressure air. Until recently,
most of her work was on military fighter and attack airplanes in the
"transonic" speed range, which means near the speed of sound (the speed of
sound is about 761 miles per hour at sea level). Now, she's also testing
future supersonic passenger airliners at take-off and landing speeds
(around 180 miles per hour).

Registration is required for this chat. Please go to:
to register.

If you are interested in Linda's work but unable to attend the chat, you
may send us a question via email to this address and we will post it
during the chat. Please write: "Linda Bangert chat question" in the
subject line. We will not respond directly back to you with your answer
but the archived chat dialogue will be posted and linked from her profile
after the chat.

Hope to see you online!
Tish Krieg
Women of NASA project manager