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I don't know if any of your youngsters are using LOGO but if they are
here is an opportunity to add to their portfolios. Dale

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The Spring Issue of Logo Exchange, ISTE's quarterly Logo journal, has a working theme of "Looking for Logo in All the Wrong Places."

I invite any of you who are teaching or learning Logo in rural, urban or homeschool settings to contribute a short article reflecting on your experiences, disseminating research or sharing project ideas. Tales of extraordinary characters involved with Logo are also welcome. Articles written by kids reflecting on their Logo learning are also most welcome.

Please share your excellent Logo adventures with the world!

Deadline: March 1, 1998 Length: 700-2000 words

I look forward to hearing from you!


Gary S. Stager Editor-in-Chief - The Logo Exchange logoexchange@moon.pepperdine.edu http://moon.pepperdine.edu/~gstager/logoexchange

21825 Barbara Street Torrance, CA 90503 USA

Article submissions are always welcome from Logo-using educators, parents and children. The Logo Exchange publishes four issues per year.

To subscribe to Logo Exchange, go to http://www.iste.org

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