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Dale R. Reed (
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 19:56:33 -0800

Mike Sadofsky wrote:
> I wonder how others reacted and how Jerry feels about the broadcast.

It was just wonderful Mike. Jerry did mighty fine.

I listened to it both Thursday and Friday nights at:

Thursday February 5, 1998 Archives - TOTN Archived Programs

HOST: Ray Suarez
Stanley Crouch
Social and cultural commentator, author and essayist
Contributing editor, The New Republic
Whether writing about jazz or the O.J. trial, essayist
Stanley Crouch has been touted as one of Americas most
outspoken and controversial critics. Hes been described
as a tough-minded independent thinker, a neoconservative hit man,
unconstrained by affiliation with any camp, creed or organization. Join
Ray Suarez for a conversation with Stanley Crouch ... tough observer of
the American social and cultural scene.

GUESTS: Jerry Mintz Director, The Alternative Education Resource
Organization Host, The Education Revolution, radio show Editor in Chief,
"The Almanac of Education Choices" Clara Hemphill Author Parents Guide
to the Best Public Schools in New York [SoHo Press 1997] Senior
Research Fellow at the Public Education Association Parents today are
faced with a number of options regarding their childrens education.
There are public and private schools, religious schools, arts, science
and homeschools. Join Ray Suarez and guests for a look at education
alternatives in the US, where to find them, and how to select the best
fit for your child.

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