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Dale R. Reed (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 20:37:36 -0800

Joe Jackson wrote:
> I wrote a letter to the editor of the Inquirer. I don't know if it will get
> published.

A mighty fine letter Joe. I had the following letter published last
week in our local newspaper. Dale

Letters Editor
The News
P.O. Box 48119
Burien, WA 98148

What a wonderful lead-in! Once again The News comes through. I was
looking for a way to encourage your readers to vote NO for the Highline
School Districts Maintenance and Operations Levy.

The last paragraph of Wednesday's(1/8/98) The News titled "Levy
Organizers gear up for election" quoted Cathy Allen, an associate with
the public affairs company Campaign Connections. Ms. Allen said that
"Education is the great equalizer and that's what they need to sell."

Well sorry Ms. Allen, I am not buying. Families are yearning to be free
of authoritative controls and standards. There are a growing number of
us libertarian oriented folks who think that each individual is
precious. We have observed that only violence and pain and unhappiness
results from attempting to force every little child into one government
"equality" standard.

I contribute to many on-line discussion groups of parents coming from
all kinds of philosophical and academic orientations. These
homeschoolers/unschoolers and alternative schoolers have wildly varying
opinions on the best learning environments for their children. But,
they all agree on a couple things. Their children will never ever
return to the "equality" schools. Their children are taking advantage
of the wonderfully rich learning environments rapidly becoming available
to anyone eager to gain new knowledge and acquire new skills.

Do you really want to maintain and operate the Highline branch of the
State Equality System any longer? Let us begin shutting down this
introduction to the Welfare State right now.

Vote NO on February 3 and give the next generation the freedom to create
their own distinct unequal selves. Then you will be able to leave the
voters booth feeling good because you did the right thing.

Dale R. Reed
Boulevard Park

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