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I wrote a letter to the editor of the Inquirer. I don't know if it will get
Here it is:

To the editor:

Melissa Dribben's January 19 article in the Metro Section ("Going to
school, feeling at home") struck me as an interesting defense of
government-monopoly compulsory schooling: send 'em off to school before
they drive us crazy! The modern concept of farming one's children out from
daycare to high school has always fascinated me, but I guess if a bunch of
total strangers raised my kid, we wouldn't have enough common experiences
upon which to build a relationship.

In fact, many people are choosing educational alternatives to public school
(such as homeschooling) because public education is broken, it's been
broken for a long time, no amount of tinkering or funding will fix it, and
if you don't believe me, read some books by former New York City teacher of
the year John Taylor Gatto.

-Joe Jackson

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> Someone on another list posted this web site that contains newspaper
>criticizing homeschooling. As someone
>else said, the last name of the writer should be Dribble not Dribben! She
>reminds me of a local columnist called Rimer (sp?) that folks around here
>Here's the URL: