A question

Thu, 29 Jan 1998 22:33:01 EST

Dear Jerry,
I have a very dear young friend, daughter of one of my oldest friends and
associates, who is about to enter her junior year at Haverford. She wants to
take the year off, and eventually go into some form of alternative education,
though she is not yet well versed enough in the possibilities to make an
informed choice.
She is a beautiful, lively, hard working, responsible, highly intelligent
young lady, totally reliable. She wants to spend the fall semester in New
York City, working as a volunteer in an alternative school there. She is
thoroughly fluent in French, majors in Anthropology, and has traveled widely.
She is a vibrant person.
Do you have any suggestions of where she should turn? Of anyone who would
consider such a person as a volunteer intern? She has no particular brand of
alternative education that she espouses, but she would be a loyal worker
wherever she landed.
I appreciate your taking the time to answer me.
Hope you are healthy and well. From your activities, it souinds like
you are running on all cylinders! Best regards, Danny Greenbergf