Re: Should We Move?

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Sat, 17 Jan 1998 15:43:45 EST

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<< Thanks for that explanation of Myers-Briggs.

But isn't too simplistic, and doesn't it lead to stereotyping and
self-fulfilling prophesies? What if you fall into the middle of the
spectrum in some of those categories? >>

One of the "10 Commandments of TypeWatching" is that these are just
preferences, not fate. Also, each has a scale score that indicates relative
strength, so my "INTP" may be very different than someone else's, since I am a
strong iNtuitive and Perceiver, but closer to the middle on Introversion and
Thinking. Understanding type and the MBTI is only useful as a help to
individuals and groups as they act and interact. It is not a predictor of
anything, or at least shouldn't be used as such. In fact, another
"Commandment" is that we all have each of the eight polarities within us. The
question is what is/are our prefered modes of operation.