Re: Should We Move?

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Thu, 15 Jan 1998 19:45:47 EST

In a message dated 98-01-15 18:37:55 EST, Teresa wrote:

<< I'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with MBTI
temperament types/learning styles. I'm an ENTP, for which the learning
style is "let them teach themselves" and my husband's is ISTP "hand-on,
experiential learning." I'm guessing my son is ENTP, possibly ESTP,
both of which do poorly in regular schools. From what I've read, about
half of the population is either SP or NT, and would do best in
alternative schools. The SJs (40-45%) like rote memorization, etc. and
would fare OK in public schools. >>

Hi Teresa,

I am certified in the MBTi and a teacher, parent, and adminstrator at various
times in my life in several alternative schools, including The Highland
School, a democratic school, much like SVS. In my teaching I often found SP
and NT kids for whom traditional schooling was abysmal. They often got
labeled, either formally (LD, HDD, etc.) or informally (trouble-maker, mouthy,
etc.). While I have never taught at SVS, I have visited there and
corresponded with folks who taught and attended. I know well the trauma of
moving and finding new jobs. If you and your husband can swing it, I say "Go
for it!"

Alan Klein