Should We Move?

Teresa Gallagher (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 18:45:00 -0500


I'm not sure if this is the right list for me to be on. My apologies if
it's not :-).

I'm wondering if anyone here has had any first hand experience with
Sudbury Valley School in Mass., either as a teacher, parent, or student.
The reason I ask is that I have a five year old boy who I think would do
best in that sort of environment, but my husband and I would have to
find new jobs and sell our house in order to enroll him (we live in
Shelton, Connecticut). So, while I love the concept of the school, I'm
looking for comments from people with practical experience to convince
me that it would be worth the trauma of moving and finding new jobs.

I'm glad to read about people on this list trying to start up new
schools. Way to go! :-). I wish I'd had the opportunity to attend a
Sudbury-type school when I was young. It seems that I learned more at
home, and school was just a waste of time (I daydreamed). I hated school
so much that the thought of sending my boy there just makes me cringe!
He loves to learn, but I'm afraid the traditional school will kill his
spirit and natural desire to learn by forcing him to sit quietly in a
desk all day and pay attention to dreadfully boring things.

I've also been learning about Myers-Briggs temperament types and
learning styles. I'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with MBTI
temperament types/learning styles. I'm an ENTP, for which the learning
style is "let them teach themselves" and my husband's is ISTP "hand-on,
experiential learning." I'm guessing my son is ENTP, possibly ESTP,
both of which do poorly in regular schools. From what I've read, about
half of the population is either SP or NT, and would do best in
alternative schools. The SJs (40-45%) like rote memorization, etc. and
would fare OK in public schools.

Thanks a bunch!


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