Re: reflections...

Freekids (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 04:14:05 EST

Hi Jan,

This is Stuart from Cedarwood Sudbury School. Among the key tasks required to
start a school (not necessarily in chronological order) are:

Deciding this is what you really want--by visiting other schools, reading
listening to tapes, etc.
Finding other founders (small ads, talking with friends and
acquaintances, etc.).
Coming up with a few hundred to several thousand dollars in loans or
donations to
purchase the invaluable SVS School Starter kit (approx. $300)
and pay other critical startup expenses.
Finding a site and overcoming any associated regulatory hurdles.
Publicizing the startup effort.

Founding a school is a lot of work and is emotionally demanding. Fortunately,
you would get a lot of help from people who have done it before. (For
example, there is a very active e-mail list for people starting SVS-type
schools that is invaluable.)

Our founders group wrote a detailed description of how we started. If you'd
like a copy, e-mail me and I'll e-mail the long document back to you. It
might look a little discouraging, because there are so many things you'd need
to do or might want to do. Well, you should be discouraged by that, but if
you're not, then you might be crazy enough to get the job done. Our group
made lots of mistakes, but we ultimately found enough committed people to
still pull it off.

Keep in touch,