Re: reflections...

Freekids (
Mon, 12 Jan 1998 17:29:29 EST

Dear Robin,

This is Stuart Williams-Ley, a staff member at Cedarwood Sudbury School in
Santa Clara. Perhaps when you're in Arizona you could arrange to visit the
Sudbury School of Scottsdale. Their (or at least one of their staff member's)
e-mail address is

Your new venture sounds great, as do your ideas concerning visiting and
writing about Sudbury schools. But as for whether and how much anybody will
pay for these ideas, I have no idea. Except at Sudbury Valley, very few of us
working at these schools are really making a living at it. We employ a wide
variety of means to stay afloat fiscally, and periodically one of our
makeshift crafts sinks.

I wish this list were more active so that people like you could feel more a
part of our community. The problem is that keeping the schools functioning
takes so much effort that most of us who work at the schools have little time
for anything else, with the possible exception of our families.

Good luck pursuing your dreams.