Summerhill to close?

Albert Lamb (
Sun, 2 Nov 1997 10:54:12 -0500

Summerhill is not set to close anytime soon. The government inspectors th=
came last summer sent a letter to the school giving them a long list of
things they have to do within six months, at which point there will be
another inspection. If they don't do all the things on the list the
Department for Education has threatened to send them a Letter of Complain=
which has the force of law and which will give them another six months to=

do the things that have been required. After that they could get thrown o=
the registration of schools.

The inspectors come every year but this has been the most difficult. The
worst aspect of the whole thing was that they want the school to prove th=
the literacy level of the youngest children has improved in that time. Ki=
learn to read at one time or another at Summerhill but not always by eigh=
or nine. Zoe has called in the press this week and said that she won't
force the kids to go to lessons. There have been articles this week in al=
the main papers and so far everyone has been very supportive. The press a=
picking up on it as a way to accuse the Labour government of being
repressive in their tough education policy. =

If I hear any more I'll let you know. I'm off to Summerhill myself tomorr=
for Ena Neill's funeral. She died last week at 87.

Albert =