Re: Summerhill to close?

Jerome Mintz (
Sun, 2 Nov 1997 01:44:06 -0500 (EST)

Dear Edryce:
It is true that Summerhill is under attack again. Some of the articles
that have come out are part of a planned counter-attack. There was an
inspection team from the government which was not happy that all students
were not learning reading in a standard way and suggested that lessons be
compulsory. Zoe said she's close the school rather than be forced to make
that change.

I'll know more after I come back from visiting Summerhill after I go to
Prague this week to do a presentation on alternative education and
democratic decision-making. Albert Lamb of Summerhill will be my

Jerry Mintz

On Sat, 1 Nov 1997 wrote:

> I just read an email that the new labor government in England is
> threatening to close down Summerhill. Anyone else hear this? Is it
> substantiated? If so, what can we do to prevent it?
> Edryce Reynolds
> Tacoma, Wa.