advice needed, employment opportunity?

P Rehn (
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 09:09:53 -0800 (PST)

Hi all!

I am a parent at a small private, publically funded alternative school in
Bend, OR. We try to foster self-directed learning for mostly middle school
age children. We are currently in the throes of staffing problems, after
losing the second facilitator this year. (We are glad she is gone since
she was "unable to control the students or the parents") The board
of Bend Community School is unable to find the right person to work
at the school. They continue to fall back into their own stereotypes
of "who a good teacher should be" (lots of credentials and experience
in the system) The school is currently being staffed by parents, and the
atmosphere is wonderful. Some of the other parents are worried
and want "real" staff and we do need some help since the same group
of 10 parents have offered opportunities for three years now and we
cannot do it all alone.

I am writing this list to ask where does one look for the right
person for alternative school staff? How do you know when you find
one? What traits are important? What are staff commonly paid?

We are not really Sudbury style, mostly since the system could
not bear that approach, although many parents foster the concept
for their children individually.

Thanks for your input. If this question is not appropriate for this list
I would still like private email. If there is a more appropriate list to
post to I would appreciate being directed there. I have read this list
for a couple of years now and value the conversations here.

Thanks to all
Patty Rehn
parent, Bend Community School