Re: papal bull

Dale R. Reed (
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 19:05:34 -0800

Charles wrote:
> If the Pope wishes to attend Sudbury as a representative of God, then he
> should expect to be equal to everyone else.

Then he would not be fulfilling his contract. I said that:

<snip> And the Pope agrees and everyone realizes that
the Pope being the Pope cannot be expected to treat anyone else as an
equal. The Pope, as everyone knows, is a representative from God and
that is exactly what the majority of the voters that year want, the
presence of a representative from God. <snip>

Also he would not be himself which I know everyone at Sudbury is
expected to be.

> If God enrolls in person, the School Assembly should decide
> whether to accord him special treatment.

They already voted to give him special treatment so I guess you are
saying Charles yes he would be welcome at Sudbury.

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