Re: Gender Equality

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Mon, 27 Oct 1997 10:48:46 +1100

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> > > I feel that it is not appropriate for a SVS-model staff to walk into the
> > > school intending to counteract the effects of a real or perceived societal evil
> > > by doing anything besides representing their views honestly, respectfully, and as
> > > an equal.
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> > I couldn't agree more, Joe.
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> > Alan
> What if the students and staff decide they want the Pope to be a member
> of the staff for a year? And the Pope agrees and everyone realizes that
> the Pope being the Pope cannot be expected to treat anyone else as an
> equal. The Pope, as everyone knows, is a representative from God and
> that is exactly what the majority of the voters that year want, the
> presence of a representative from God.
> Would it then be appropriate for this particular SVS-model staff member
> to treat the students and other staff members as less than equal? Dale

What if the Pope actually prefered to be a there at a student level? I know
that it isn't really policy, his being "too old", kind of agism isn't it.
There are a lot of people who prefer to continue learning all through their
lives, or maybe even stopped earlier that would benefit from Sudbury experience.

How then would you work things out, Dale?