Re: Home Schooling
Sat, 25 Oct 1997 09:57:20 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 97-10-24 10:13:32 EDT, Scott David Gray wrote:

> It is a very rare homeschooling situation in
> which it is _possible_ to leave learning entirely in the hands of the
> child.
> Sudbury Valley, on the other hand, sets up an environment where there
> is _no_ curriculum.

Scott David,

I am curious as to why you believe that "the authorities" allow SVS to set up
its environment, when you believe that those same authorities don't allow
home schoolers to do so.

I agree with you that many homeschoolers are simply substituting one
outside-the-learner compulsion with another, but I also know of many who
follow a more enlightened approach. I don't have any hard figures on the
breakdown of these two groups. Do you? Does anyone else on this list? I
also assume that the homeschoolers who are attracted to this listserv are
more of the latter camp than the former. Perhaps we should treat their
choice as a more friendly and learner-oriented one than we seem to be doing

Alan Klein