Re: Home Schooling

Dale R. Reed (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:11:16 -0700

Eric Crump wrote:
> I suppose you might say home-ed groups are sort of like 'distributed
> Sudburies' -- all we lack, in essence, is a central meeting place. We tend
> to rotate meeting at homes or at parks or at libraries.

Sounds similar to Puget Sound Community School that
has been operating successfully for a few years under the State of
Washington's homeschooling laws here in the greater Seattle area.
These unschoolers have no school building but meet in cyberspace,
libraries, in the mountains during long backpacking trips, with artists,
with mathematicians, people passionate about what they are and what they

In the real world similar to the youngsters Grace Llewellyn
describes(and they describe themselves) in her three fine homeschooling
books. Dale

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