Re: Home Schooling

Alex Weiss (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 22:30:45 -0400

I find it rather interesting that someone with your experience in the
world of alternative schooling has had such limited exposure to
homeschooled children. As I'm sure you know, several of my little sisters
are now homeschooling and they certainly don't 'depend on someone big to
articulate for them.' It's difficult to believe that they are complete
oddties within the homeschooling comunity. There are some children who will
be insecure at public events regardless of how they are educated, the word
for it is shy. There are even shy people at SVS: it's remarkable how much
less shy my sisters are after a few years of homeschooling than they were
at SVS.
As for the tragedy of children not developing independence when the
time comes, the philosophy of SVS, as I've always read it, says that when a
child is ready they will take action and the school is there to support it.
Do you really mean to say that the parents will trample on the childs
effort when the child really is ready? Eventualy, of course, every child
does become independent and one would, in theory, hope that it happens just
when the child is ready. The question now becomes: is gaining
responsibility such a distinct change or is it a slow drift at the end of
which you are responsible, but you cannot decide what day, month, or even
year it happened in? I would therefore maintain that by the time a child is
ready to be independent they will be. On a more empirical note, I have
noticed that the mere presence of the school does not automaticaly make the
development of this treasured independence happen.
>Yes, I know that lots of kids are satisfied with home schooling. I think it
>is too bad.
Yes, I know that lots of kids are satisfied with SVS. Can there really
be a one true way to educate ones children? I hope that for every child
there is a system that will work and I wish him well in finding it. There
may well be problems with homeschooling, but please don't completely
disregard it in the way that more traditional educators once disregarded
you. For some people it does work.
- Alex Weiss, former student