Re: reflecting on technology...

Dale R. Reed (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 08:42:21 -0700

Robin Martin wrote:
> Is it a force that truly opens up our choices, as many
> people would believe, thus allowing us to be more free? <snip>

Robin. I suggest you surf to for an
example of how technology allows us to expand our search for a mate from
picking up girls at Sunday night bible class(like I used to do over 40
years ago) to cyberspace. I think this truly opens up our choices.

I am corresponding with an Electrical Engineering student in Michigan
that is actively seeking a wife via this service.

Oh and by the way, I have bought(with my credit card via the internet)
red roses for a Russian Computer Science student cyberbuddy of mine that
were delivered to his American girl friend on her birthday near New York
city. Dale

$   Seattle, Washington U.S.A.  $