Dale R. Reed (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 08:40:56 -0700

Let us imagine that the Supreme Court rules tomorrow that each new
American human has the unalienable right to develop his or her own
selves. Hence all the State Conditioning Centers are declared
unconstitutional and are disbanded. On the first of January 1998 there
are no more truancy laws, $3E11 in moneys are returned to the taxpayers
and a brand new educational market is established. The Separation of
School and State Alliance has a victory party and disbands.

Let us assume that Daniel Greenberg and John Holt and Grace Llewellyn
are correct. That all humans have an innate desire to learn and succeed
in life.

Then millions(a small percentage but still millions) of parents say to
their children:

"Johnny and Mary and Hortence we agree with Daniel and John and Grace so
here is $4000 per year that you can spend any way you want. We(the
parents) will continue to pay for your worldly necessities and

Now what do you think these particular(given the responsibility for
themselves) children and young adults will do with the money? How will
they spend their childhoods?

I think we can agree that the answer for a Vietnamese or Cambodian
youngster just off a 747 and can not speak English(we have hundreds of
these just in our own school district) will be far different from
someone like me that was blowing fuses in the house with my electrical
experiments, building and improving radios, a voracious reader in my
efforts to prepare myself to be an Electromagnetics Engineer long before
I could spell electromagnetics. I think we can assume that a future
Dave Brubeck will chose different teachers and learning environments
than a potential Nathaniel Bowditch. And I think we can agree that the
learning services that have grown up during the last ten years to
service the million or so homeschoolers will ramp up at an exponential

What would you have done? What would your children do? What would the
children you know do? What would the children and young adults do with
the money and their time?

Actually I did something like this with my two high school age boys. I
told them that I was paying them back for the National Debt I had helped
to create by my "vacations" in Antarctica and other government
"research." My two boys proceeded to invent the most wonderful learning
experiences. You should of seen and heard and smelled the very fast and
roaring dragsters and beautiful street machines they created. All shiny
black and orange and red with big block Chevie engines and huge fat rear
tires and the smell of burning rubber during acceleration. Dale

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