Re: relationship of technology to freedom...
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 18:37:03 -0700

Robin: From where did you get the idea that I have accepted the medium
as something positive? I accept NOTHING. I perhaps went off too
quickly in asking questions from your message, because I need to read
more of what you say first. But nothing I said (I thought) implied that
I accept any medium as something positive. I, like you, enjoy looking at
all sides, and examine any issue from different perspectives.

Postman's book Teaching as a Subversive Activity was a thrill. Somehow I
couldn't "get with him" on the Tehno book. Maybe I have a blind spot,
but I didn't see him doing what you are doing....asking questions and
looking at technology from more than one angle. My hot button goes off
when anyone simplistically (to me) presents the negative side of ANYTHING
too emphatically.

Sorry. I'll move more slowly next time. This email makes it so easy to
dash off the first response.

I am not good at all at reading between the lines. Perhaps after I read
more of your messages I will get a "flavor" of what you mean, but between
the lines I see nothing! I am really retarded about that.