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Dale R. Reed (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 22:45:15 -0700 wrote:
> Second, perhaps your sample is skewed toward those who, for whatever reason,
> are ready to give up home schooling, possibly for the very reason you cite,

I understand that employees of grtf(government run tax funded) schools
make the same comments Mimsy just made about homeschoolers for the
reason that Alan proposed above. At least that is what the
homeschooling literature says and it makes sense to me.

My experience with homeschooled children is they are in the main
particularly bright eyed and aware and simply a pleasure to be around.
They look adults right in the eye and are willing, eager and able to
discuss issues that most schooled children can barely mumble about. And
since they have not been limited by the distractions of too many
attention demanding school mates each day they have developed their own
talents and interests far beyond their years. Most of all the
homeschooled children have learned to learn on their own in the real
world of the Internet and libraries and interesting productive adults.
Adults doing the kinds of things that the students will do when they
grow up.

The only contact I have had with a Sudbury Valley student was one that
had graduated a few years ago and he struck me as a fine fellow also.
And of course there is former student Scott David Gray which I only know
from our Internet conversations but he appears to have his head screwed
on straight also. At least from my libertarian point of view.

All I am trying to say that the Sudbury Valley model may be better for
some youngsters and the homeschooling model(actually many models in
itself including some unschooling that makes Sudbury look like the
isolation ward in a maximum security prison by comparison, see Grace
Llewellyn's books) maybe better for other youngsters.

The truth is there are thousands of different kinds of learning
environments in existence and thousands more yet to be tried and tens of
thousands will eventually flourish(and tens of thousands will not fly)
when we finally separate school and state and let the students and their
parents do the funding and choosing for themselves. All the students
and their parents. Dale

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