Technology limiting freedom
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 18:00:16 -0700

Does a book limit our freedom?

Does a library require "adaptation"

Maybe it is helpful to look at technology critically; however, why can't
we also look at how it helps us? We are still putting television down.
Human beings are not (IMHO) such passive receptors! We are not so easily
programmed unless we decide to be!

This message was stimulated by a message with the following quotes:

"To what extent does our technology allow us to be fully integrated and
balanced with our humanity? "

My answer to this is: what does that question even SAY?
Stuart Chase, in his book TYRANNY OF WORDS, would
restate the sentence as, "To what extent does our
blah allow us to be fully blah and blah with our blah?"
The "blahs" represent words that have no clear
referent. We need definitions before the question
can even be understood!

"Is it a force that truly opens up our choices, as many people would
believe, thus allowing us to be more free? Or does it subtly limit our
freedom, forcing us to adapt to its restrictions?"

More blahs. Need definitions, operational definitions.

I will visit the website to see if I can become more enlightened.

Edryce Reynolds