Home Schooling

George Varghese (GVargh@ctp.com)
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 17:57:30 -0400

Hi All,

With a lot of views flying across back and forth and scorching the
wires, about Gender Equality, I'm wondering if this is the best time to
distract everyone with another topic. But this is something that I've
wondered about quite a bit and would like some of you experts to air
your views about this too. This has to do with "home schooling". My
concern was that, this concept would have the unfortunate side-effect of
greatly restricting and almost denying children the benefit of
interaction with other children of their age. I feel that interaction
with their peers is a very important part of their education and
preparation to live in a diverse society with so many different kinds of
people. So wouldn't home-schooling have this drawback of denying them
this educative interaction. It is alright to say that they can be taught
to interact with others and such stuff, but these things are best taught
through practice, not theory. It would be interesting to hear the views
of others in this group, on this subject. I am a product of a public
school and have had absolutely no experience of home schooling. But
alternative education has been something that I've been really
interested in and I want to learn as much about it as possible.